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We made two separate trips into Swaziland from South Africa. Piggs Peak is only about a two hour drive from Andre's home in Waterval Boven (See ZS Section).

Highlands Inn (Room #6)
Piggs Peak
Telephone: 09268-71144

This was our first visit to Swaziland. We rented two rooms for three days which cost about 180 USD. Dinner for four of us only rang up to about 20 USD. This is a very reasonable priced country to visit.

Be sure to ask for room number 6 because just outside the window is about a 30 foot tower and a 3 element tri-bander perched on top. The front desk has custody of the rotor control box. It takes a bit of talking to get them to understand what you're trying to describe. Once you have the control box, you have to climb the tower to plug the cable into the side of the rotor.

Most of the locals can speak English although you may have to go very slowly and repeat often. They are the friendliest people I've met on any of my trips to date.

At the hotel there is a section that is rented out of a gift ship. They have many authentic gifts that were hand-crafted in different countries all over Africa. Their prices were very cheap by U.S. standards. I purchased what amounted to about a suitcase full of gifts for 65 USD.

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