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Summer Visit to Ireland and Northern Ireland. 2012 IARU HF Championship Included.

Ireland Satellite Photo I plan to spend some time on the Irish Island in the middle of July. The dates are 7 to 20 July 2012. Lot's of details to be worked out yet. I will be flying into Dublin and renting a car. I hope the vehicle will get me all around the island without fail.

Near the end of the trip I will be in Belfast and touring Northern Ireland.

I'd love to meet up with local hams along the way. Calling all Irish hams to please send me an E-mail and we might be able to arrange a get together. Also, if you know of any "must see" locations on your island I sure want to try to include them in my itinerary.

I have a special page just for this trip. Click on Ireland Itinerary to learn more.

See the fun that was done while in Ireland. The ham report.

Gerry, GI0RTN, and Dave, WJ2O. Many great ham radio stories were discussed all night long over dinner. Gerry, GI0RTN
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