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Barbados for Thanksgiving and The CQ World-Wide CW Contest 2012

Barbados Map My wife and I will be off again this Thanksgiving for the CQ World-Wide CW Contest. This year it's Barbados.

We will be staying at the property being offered by Amy Beam called Surfsong. It is located on the South East shoreline of the island on the Atlantic coast. It should be a great shot to Europe.

The dates are 20 to 28 November 2012. I'm taking my new Elecraft K3 and will be operating low power almost entirely CW. The contest on the weekend will be the main event. Outside the contest I like to hang out in the WARC bands.

I have been issued the callsign 8P9DF. QSL via my home call.
Follow me to see a picture of Amy Beam's rental. WJ2O's P8 trip statistical report found here.
  Here's Chris and I last Thanksgiving in KH6. We are standing at the Southernmost Point of the United States. It sure was windy there. Southernmost
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