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January 2013 Update

New QSL Manager!!
N2ZN Ken, N2ZN, has agreed to take over the QSLing duties of all my trips. If you can find your callsign in this log you can get a QSL.

Here's his address:
    Ken Boasi, N2ZN
    5018 Ontario Center Road
    Walworth, NY 14568 USA

The picture shows Ken, N2ZN, operating PZ5RO during our trip together in Suriname

The Color QSLs are in for 8P9DF. Ken is working hard on filling the requests.

Here's my calendar . . .
February-March: Clipperton, TX5K, via Cabo, Mexico. I have some pre-trip photosposted.
May: Dayton Hamvention
May-June: Riga, Latvia to include ES, EU, LY, SP, UA2 as well as YL
September-October: Cruise with XYL to include 3A, EA, F and I
November: CQ World-Wide CW - still looking. Got any ideas? Maybe ZF?

I'm looking to meet hams and possible guest op from your QTH. Please contact me.
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