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St. Kitts and Nevis Holiday Vacation with CQ World-Wide CW Contest

St. Kitts and Nevis Map
For the American Thanksgiving Holiday this year my wife Chris and I are going to first travel to Puerto Rico (KP4) and stay a few days. I have no plans to operate from there.

Then we will continue on to Basseterre which is on the Island of St. Kitts (V4). We have rented a villa on the side of a mountain south of the Capital City of Basseterre and plan to set up the radio.

The V4 operating dates are 26 November to 2 December 2014 with the contest running over the weekend. Click me for trip updates. Go here for trip statistics.

Front View of V47JA Villa
The photo above is the front view of the villa rented by John, V47JA/W5JON. More information about renting can be found at Calpso Bay Resorts 'Villa J'.
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